Privacy Policy

RethinkDNS + Firewall are anti-surveillance tools first and foremost: It is absolutely against our ethos, then, to track users of our apps and services, or sell any information whatsoever to any third-party in any form, pseudo-anonymized, de-anonymized, anonymized, aggregated, or otherwise.

App Privacy Policy

We do not collect, sell, license, share any data (personally identifiable or otherwise) from the RethinkDNS Android app.
Revision: 21 Oct 2020
  • The app is free of any trackers, spyware, ads, or loggers whatsoever. This can be, to an extent, ascertained from our code which is open-source on GitHub.
  • The app does not use or depend on or embed any third-party services in its default setting. The only exception is Google PlayStore (see their privacy policy) which is used as an app distribution channel.
  • The app does not collect any debug or diagnostic data unless you explicitly choose to share it with us, for example, over email.

DNS Privacy Policy

We do not collect, sell, license, share any personally identifiable data from our DNS resolvers: and<config-id>
Revision: 21 Oct 2020
  • The resolver does not collect personally identifiable information nor does it seek to profile a user or a group of users.
  • The resolver collects non-personally identifiable information and aggregates it to only to fight abuse and spam.
  • The resolver collects crash logs for debugging purposes, but they do not have any personally identifiable information in them.
  • The DNS-over-HTTPS resolver runs on Cloudflare's network whose privacy policy you may find here.
  • Crash logs, debug logs, and other non-personally identifiable information is stored encrypted with custom keys on Amazon S3 which no one outside RethinkDNS' engineering team has access to.
| Data                 | Sold / Shared | Collected     | Retained  | Usage         |
| Domain Name          | No            | Rarely        | 1h        | Debugging     |
| Client IP            | No            | Rarely        | 1h        | Anti-abuse    |
| User Agent           | No            | No            | --        | --            |
| Device ID            | No            | No            | --        | --            |
| Anything else        | No            | No            | --        | --            |

Website Privacy Policy

We do not collect, sell, license, share any data (including cookies) from our any of our web pages at
Revision: 20 Mar 2021
  • The website does not set any cookies or attempt to track a user in way or form.
  • The website does not embed any third-party analytics or services that may track users.
  • The website does not log any interactions a visiting user has with the website.
  • The website and app download link are hosted and served by Cloudflare, respectively, whose privacy policy you may find here.


If you spot any ambiguity with privacy policies outlined on this page then please write to us and we would update it right away..
Revision: 21 Oct 2020
  • Personally identifiable information: Any data that can be traced back to the user including (but not limited to) a combination of IP addresses, name, device-id, advertisement-id, and location.
  • Non personally identifiable information: Aggregrated (summarized) data and anonymized data scrubbed off any personally identifiable information.
  • Collect: Data stored by RethinkDNS.
  • Sell: Data sold to third parties.
  • License: Restricted access to data collected by RethinkDNS to third parties.
  • Share: Permanent access to data collected by RethinkDNS to third parties.