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Every time you visit a website, say, your browser uses a DNS resolver to translate it to an IP address. IP addresses are how computers locate each other on the Internet.

Usually, your Internet Service Provider does this translation. With Rethink DNS you are in total control of that translation layer to stave off security threats, block ads and trackers, and other spyware.

Rethink DNS supports over 190+ blocklists, some of which power popular adblockers like uBlockOrigin.

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Open and secure Internet

Rethink DNS exclusively uses DNS over HTTPS or DNS over TLS to encrypt and secure your DNS queries.

When used with the companion Android app, you can bypass internet censorship in most countries.

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Not an internet that controls you
  • Apps
    Researchers claim 75% of the apps they tested collected and shared personal information and 50% shared location data with third parties without consent from their users. [1] [2] [3]
  • Govt
    Various[4] governments[5] are in on the act too, by requiring ability to intercept and retain all forms of internet traffic[6], like the secure ones to your banks. This is done with a motive of censoring access to information that is freely available today. Historically, this ability to snoop traffic has been used to oppress dissident political views[7], to deny basic a right to information, and to consolidate power.[8]
  • ISPs
    The Internet Service Providers[9], Carriers[10], and Phone Manufacturers[11] have been caught time and again collecting usage and location data, injecting ads, and censoring content.
  • GDPR
    Until this unprecedented surveillance[12] is regulated with stricter laws protecting user's privacy, the only way is to avoid smartphones and use burner phones when the situtation demands as advertisement networks continue to fight against user's ability to block out surveillance. [13]
  • Who are you?

    RethinkDNS is developed by engineers who previously worked at AWS, IBM, and Scientific Games, out of distaste for the surveillance economy and frustration with the lack of easy-to-use security apps for the 2 billion unsuspecting Android users.

  • Where are you going with this?

    RethinkDNS' goal is to turn Android devices into user-agents: Something that users can truly control to match their needs and expectations.

  • How much does it cost?

    The RethinkDNS app is free and open source and will remain so. RethinkDNS' cloud services as our content-blocking DNS service, however; will have both a free and a paid tier.

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