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v055n - 9 Jun, 2024
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  • Sun Jun 09 2024
    πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ Don't Panic
    1. New: Capture network engine errors in user bug reports.
    2. Improvement:: Use System DNS for "undelegated" domain names iff Prevent DNS leaks is ON..
    3. Improvement: Dual-stack (IPv4 + IPv6) WireGuard connectivity.
    4. Improvement: Avoid blocking the UI elements when the network engine is unresponsive.
    5. Fix: Connection timeouts with Advanced DNS filtering turned ON.
    6. Fix: WireGuard peer endpoints with domain names hang on network changes.
  • Wed May 29 2024
    πŸ€ΈπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Hitchhiker 2
    1. Improvement:: TCP, UDP connection establishment.
    2. Improvement: Disallow stopping from Notification Bar and Quick Settings on app lock.
    3. Fix: High TCP retransmissions.
  • Sat May 25 2024
    πŸ€ΈπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Hitchhiker
    1. New: Bypass apps from all proxies.
    2. Fix: Network engine stall.
  • Fri May 24 2024
    πŸͺ Up
    1. Note: Temporarily includes Crashlytics. [why?]
    2. Fix: Auto-reconnect WireGuard.
    3. Fix: Crash in Stats UI.
    4. Fix: Network engine stability improvements.
    5. Fix: Improved WireGuard upload speeds.
  • Sat May 18 2024
    🧨 Inside Job
    1. Note: Temporarily includes Crashlytics. [why?]
    2. New: IP and DNS logs for each app with a new organized view.
    3. New: Setting to optionally exclude proxy forwarder apps.
    4. Fix: DNSCrypt crashing with DNS Booster enabled.
    5. Fix: IPv6 to IPv4 translation in certain cases.
    6. Other bug fixes and improvements.
  • Tue Apr 30 2024
    πŸŽ– Donenfeld 4
    1. Refresh: New UI for per-app Network and DNS logs.
    2. Bug fix: Fix crash when stopping WireGuard.
  • Fri Apr 26 2024
    πŸŽ– Donenfeld 3
    1. Improvement: Show WireGuard Peer handshake time periods.
    2. Bug fix: Inaccessible On-device blocklists configure UI.
    3. Bug fix: Prevent multi-package apps auto-deleting from WireGuard configs.
  • Wed Apr 24 2024
    πŸŽ– Donenfeld 2
    1. New feature: Show upload, download stats for WireGuard.
    2. New feature: Auto recover dropped WireGuard connections.
    3. Improvement: Support for multiple DNSCrypt relays.
    4. Bug fix: Close packet capture file when appropriate.
    5. Countless other bug fixes and improvements.
  • Sat Apr 06 2024
    🎱 Minority Report 2
    1. New feature: List domains and websites grouped by app.
    2. Bug fix: Support multliple rules for a single IP.
    3. Bug fix: Android 14 specific crash on GrapheneOS.
  • Mon Apr 01 2024
    πŸ‘‘ Chirayu Desai 3
    1. New feature: Optionally proxy DNS over WireGuard and SOCKS5 proxies.
    2. New feature: Optionally enable built-in Android connectivity checks.
    3. Improved support for editing IP-based firewall rules.
    4. Improved WireGuard bandwidth.
    5. Overhauled WireGuard UX.
    6. Avoid connection leaks for Simple and Always-on WireGuard modes.
    7. Bug fix: Fix crash when editing WireGuard configurations.
    8. Bug fix: Fix minor bugs with RDNS+ and other domain-based firewall rules.
  • Wed Mar 06 2024
    πŸ‘‘ Chirayu Desai 2
    1. Connectivity checks improvements when on dual-stack IP networks.
    2. Performance improvements in app detail UI.
    3. Bug fix: Per-app trusted domain rules.
    4. Bug fix: On-device blocklists disappearing.
  • Sat Mar 02 2024
    πŸ‘‘ Chirayu Desai
    1. New feature: Support for anonymizing Oblivious DNS-over-HTTPS.
    2. New feature: Support for DNS-over-TLS.
    3. New feature: Simple and Advanced WireGuard modes.
    4. New feature: Show bandwidth in Stats screen.
    5. New feature: Support all proxies including Orbot even in VPN Lockdown mode.
    6. New feature: Monitor Rethink\'s network traffic using Rethink!
    7. New feature: Forward DNS over active proxies like WireGuard.
    8. New feature: Same version backup & restore across devices.
    9. Improved bug report captures.
    10. Better handling of dual-stack IP networks.
    11. Auto-recover connectivity for WireGuard VPNs.
    12. Huge memory savings when using local blocklists.
    13. Bug fix: Better support for multicast DNS.
    14. Bug fix: Fix incorrectly blocked app notifications.
  • Fri Sep 01 2023
    🎒 CR Rao
    1. New feature: Auto reconnect WireGuard endpoints on network changes.
    2. New feature: Experimental IPv6 support for WireGuard.
    3. Improvement: Adjustable app log-level setting.
    4. Update anti-censorship measures to fix issues with certain websites.
    5. Fix: Broken internet connectivity when in DNS-only mode.
    6. Fix: Avoid IP fragmentation for DNSCrypt over UDP.
    7. Other minor UI changes and bug fixes.
  • Mon Aug 14 2023
    πŸŽ– Donenfeld
    1. New feature: Multi-VPN support with any number of WireGuard upstreams.
    2. New feature: Restrict Tor-as-a-proxy (Orbot) to specific apps.
    3. New feature: Stats UI now shows Geo IP based grouping.
    4. New feature: Show data usage in Network Logs: upload and download bytes per-request.
    5. New feature: Per app upload and download stats.
    6. New feature: Active (open) connection indicator in Network Logs.
    7. New feature: Support for local DNS-over-HTTPS (non-public) resolvers.
    8. Improved UI to manage per-app IP and Domain rules.
    9. Bigger UI tiles on the homescreen.
    10. Firewall UI refresh.
    11. Super detailed on-demand bug reports for better diagnostics.
    12. DNS Booster is now enabled by default.
    13. Bug fix: HTTP Proxy now works with CONNECT tunnels.
    14. Bug fix: Trust (allowlisting) domains now works with third-party DNS resolvers.
  • Sat May 06 2023
    πŸ’» LAN Party 2
    1. Bug fix: Working blocklist downloads.
  • Tue May 02 2023
    πŸ–₯ LAN Party
    1. New feature: Exclude Private IPs (LAN / link-local).
    2. Bug fix: Make Bypass DNS & Firewall setting work.
    3. Show Maybe Blocked in DNS Logs for domains that may be blocked by the Firewall.
    4. Show adaptive icon where supported.
    5. Bio-metric authentication prompts once every 15 minutes.
    6. 6 other UI and performance improvements.
  • Wed Mar 08 2023
    ⚑️ Super-Charged!!
    1. New feature: Advanced DNS filtering; apply domain rules only when apps connect.
    2. New feature: Allow or deny domains per app.
    3. New feature: Allow or deny domains for all apps.
    4. New feature: Bypass both DNS and Firewall rules per app.
    5. New feature: Packet capture (PCAP).
    6. New feature: DNS Booster; coalesce requests, cache responses.
    7. New feature: Edit domain and IP rules.
    8. Homescreen and Settings UI refresh.
    9. Other minor UI changes and bug fixes.
  • Thu Jan 12 2023
    πŸ“ˆ RA Fisher fo' Real!
    1. More stable than v053m. Our fastest release ever!
    2. Fix a terrible, terrible crash on Android 13.
    3. A few other minor UI tweaks, but nothing extraordinary.
  • Wed Jan 11 2023
    πŸ“Š RA Fisher!
    1. New feature: All new Statistics screen.
    2. New feature: Secure this app using screen lock.
    3. New feature: Choose your preferred language from app settings.
    4. New feature: RDNS+ Simple view shows well-curated lists only.
    5. Rename: App lockdown mode is now Isolate mode.
    6. Rename: Bypass app rules is now called Trust IP.
    7. Fix crash when Rethink is installed in a Work Profile.
    8. Now deleting app-specific rules when the app is uninstalled.
    9. Other minor UI changes and bug fixes.
  • Tue Dec 06 2022
    🌈 Polyglottic
    1. Re-support Android 6.
    2. All new RDNS+ UI.
    3. All new firewall and network engine.
    4. New feature: Translations in 15+ languages.
    5. New feature: Adaptive icons.
    6. New feature: Show domain names in per app network logs.
    7. Fix missing notifications on Android 13.
    8. Fix misbehaving Orbot DNS integration.
    9. Apps screen now accessible in DNS-only mode.
    10. Major improvements to built-in Download Manager.
  • Fri Oct 14 2022
    πŸ’₯ Maximum effort
    1. Introducing a more private Rethink resolver, Max.
    2. Mark IPv6 as experimental; switch to IPv4 by default.
    3. New feature: Backup and restore app settings.
    4. New feature: App lockdown mode.
    5. New feature: Universal lockdown mode.
    6. New feature: Apply firewall rules on port numbers.
    7. New feature: Apply app firewall rules in batches.
    8. Minor UI refresh.
    9. Other memory and crash fixes.
  • Wed Sep 07 2022
    🌢 Make IPv6 Work... Again
    1. Fixes for connectivity issues seen by Meta apps (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, etc).
    2. Improved Orbot integration.
    3. Overhauled SOCKS5 Proxy implementation.
    4. A few Download Manager changes.
    5. Other critical Firewall related bug fixes.
  • Mon Jul 25 2022
    πŸ’« Internet Protocol Version 6
    1. Experimental support for IPv6 like its February 2008!
    2. New firewall rule: Block port 80 (insecure HTTP) traffic.
    3. New firewall rule: Block connections on metered (mobile) network.
    4. Major DNS and Firewall screens UI overhaul.
    5. All-new network engine based on gvisor/netstack.
    6. New feature: Per-app network report card.
    7. New feature: Per-app IP blocklists.
    8. New feature: Connect to network-provided DNS.
    9. New feature: Add custom IP address(es) or IP subnets to firewall rules.
  • Sat Nov 20 2021
    🍳 Minority report
    1. Note: Website and F-Droid only release.
    2. Minor release fixing a terrible file-bloat. Leftover local blocklist files were not deleted which resulted in ever-increasing app size. Worse still, users had no way to delete these except 'clear data'. Now, the leftover files, if any, are deleted on every blocklist download run. Leftovers are also handled for remote blocklist files. This issue affects only F-Droid and Website versions, since local blocklists files are not supported for the Google Play Store version.
  • Tue Sep 21 2021
    🎱 G is for m.e.G.a
    1. New firewall rule: Block connections not resolved by user-configured DNS endpoint.
    2. New firewall rule: Block newly installed apps by default.
    3. Network Log UI now shows domain names corresponding to IP addresses.
    4. DNS Log UI now shows all IPs received as part of DNS response.
    5. Forward all traffic to port 53 to user-configured DNS endpoint.
    6. Improved search filters for network logs.
    7. 50 other performance improvements and bug fixes throughout the app.
  • Tue Aug 10 2021
    053f (beta)
    πŸŒ… Code overhaul
    1. Note: Website-only version.[Why?]
    2. Quick action buttons on Home Screen.
    3. A brand new Pause mode which suspends DNS and Firewall for unblocked apps.
    4. Major bug fixes around Internet connectivity issues.
    5. Share automatically generated bug reports from the About page.
    6. UI refresh of the Settings page.
    7. Improvements to Block any app not in use feature; no longer experimental.
    8. Other minor performance improvements throughout the app.
  • Thu Apr 15 2021
    πŸͺ‚ F-Droid and Faves
    1. DNS Logs UI now shows website icons corresponding to DNS queries. These icons are fetched from DuckDuckGo. To enable / disable this see the Settings screen.
    2. An edge case during app start-up where all connections were may be incorrectly allowed while the firewall rules were being loaded has been fixed.
    3. Changes to the way the app recovers from the 'Waiting' state. Sometimes, before this fix, the app could forever be stuck in 'Waiting'. After this fix, it shouldn't.
    4. Dark Mode for the RethinkDNS 'Configure' page (in the DNS UI). Thanks Amith!
  • Fri Apr 02 2021
    🎰 Fix the Internet release
    1. Major updates to how the app handles connectivity changes. This fixes issues where devices may have previously lost Internet connectivity with the app switched on.
    2. True Black theme on popular demand. Check the Settings -> Appearance.
    3. Improvements on themes: Better consistency in the colour scheme.
    4. Stop button in the Notification bar.
  • Wed Mar 17 2021
    ⛳️ Orbot Setup & Other improvements
    1. Support for one-click Tor-as-a-proxy (Orbot setup).
    2. When the network is unavailable RethinkDNS now reports "bad network connectivity" to the Android OS. This might improve scenario where apps do not recover from poor / flaky networks.
    3. Report bad-network to Android when DNS connections fail and healthy network when they succeed.
    4. OISD.NL (full) is the only default list on RethinkDNS starting this release.
  • Wed Mar 03 2021
    🎨 Themes & more
    1. Themes: Dark and Light themes.
    2. Support for F-Droid builds with
    3. Fix battery drain issue
    4. Home and Welcome screen UI changes.
    5. Improvements to the underlying Firewall and DNS network engine
  • Thu Jan 28 2021
    🧩 Incremental update
    1. Better support for the "Always-on VPN" feature.
    2. Home screen UI refreshed.
    3. Improvements in "Block apps not in use" behavior.
    4. Enable / disable auto-check for app updates.
    5. Major performance and stability bug fixes.
  • Sun Dec 27 2020
    🎲 Android 6 support & Battery Saver mode
    The app now runs on Android 6 and above.
    Battery Saver Mode:
    1. The app now bundles in a battery saver mode in which only DNS works but not Firewall.
    1. Start / Stop now looks more like a traditional button with a bottom sheet to help choose between battery-saver DNS-only mode and full-fledged DNS + Firewall mode.
    2. DNS and Firewall buttons on the homescreen are now more prominent.
    1. Enable or disable on-device DNS and Firewall logging.
    2. "Refresh app list" button moved to the Firewall screen.
    1. Latest 20K DNS logs are stored on-device.
    2. Search box and filters for DNS logs.
    1. Fix for Whitelist reverting to default.
    2. Fix for Exclusion list reverting to default.
    3. All apps tab now shows total number of app, number of apps in the whitelist / exclusion list, and number of apps blocked.
    4. Improve scroll performance of the Network Log screen.
    5. Network Log bottom sheet now slightly less cluttered: A couple of UI elements removed.
    6. Distinguish between "unamed" (connections from apps without a name) and "unknown" (orphan connections without an owner app) in the network logs.
    7. Improvements to app UX when the VPN is run in "lockdown mode" (that is, when "Block connections without VPN" is enabled from Android's VPN Settings page).
    8. Some apps retry relentlessly when their connections are firewalled: Gatekeep connections for 30 seconds to delay those fast-paced non-stop retries.
    Universal Firewall:
    1. "Block any app not in use" now with better heuristics and so should behave in less surprising ways and be more out-of-the-way.
  • Wed Nov 04 2020
    πŸŽ„ Rebrand to RethinkDNS & 30+ New features
    1. Support for RethinkDNS+ (a configurable DNS resolver with custom blocklists) deployed to 300+ locations world-wide.
    2. Support for DNSCrypt v2 with Anonymized Relays.
    3. Support to forward DNS requests to other apps like Nebulo or PDNSF.
    1. Support for "Always-on VPN" and "Block connections without VPN" (this is enforced by Android and is full-proof in that it blocks all internet traffic that bypasses VPN ensuring nothing escapes the RethinkDNS firewall).
    2. Exclude apps from VPN, that is from the RethinkDNS firewall altogether.
    3. Whitelist apps from RethinkDNS firewall rules (but not DNS).
    4. Block all connections when source app is unknown (this occasionally happens with UDP traffic that the source app cannot be determined at times).
    5. Block all UDP traffic except DNS traffic.
    6. Block IP addresses apps are connecting to individually from the "Network Log" screen.
    1. DNS Firewall screens see a major UI overhaul.
    2. A bottom sheet in "Network Log" now shows some relevant actions (block app, block IP, kill app).
    3. A tap on DNS logs entries now shows more information including blocklists.
    4. Select and copy app names and IP addresses from both "DNS Logs" screen and "Network Logs".
    5. A search bar in all firewall screens.
    1. Forward TCP connections to any SOCKS5 endpoint.
    2. Set a HTTP/S proxy endpoint.
  • Sat Sep 05 2020
    🐞 Bug fixes & Other improvements
    1. 'Start' button now shows just fine for Right-to-Left languages, like Arabic and Hebrew.
    2. App now doesn't auto-start on phone reboot.
    3. A critical stability fix that caused frequent app crashes in the background.
    4. Changes in 'block when app not in use' behavior which now works as originally intended.
    5. "Always-on VPN" related prompt is shown now when user taps the 'Start' button.
    6. A minor fix for 'app won't start' bug in Samsung devices.
    1. Faster loading times for 'Network Monitor'.
    2. A textbox now warns users to exercise caution when blocking 'System Apps`.
Rethink DNS + Firewall is a free and open source project, released under Apache License, Version 2.0.
A lot of our users have asked us for iOS support. We are already discussing buying a Mac to make this happen. Stay tuned. Write to us in case you've got any questions or suggestions: hello (at) celzero (dot) com.