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v0.5.3e - 15 April, 2021
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  • 053e
    15 April, 2021
    F-Droid and Faves
    1. DNS Logs UI now shows website icons corresponding to DNS queries. These icons are fetched from DuckDuckGo. To enable / disable this see the Settings screen.
    2. An edge case during app start-up where all connections were may be incorrectly allowed while the firewall rules were being loaded has been fixed.
    3. Changes to the way the app recovers from the 'Waiting' state. Sometimes, before this fix, the app could forever be stuck in 'Waiting'. After this fix, it shouldn't.
    4. Dark Mode for the RethinkDNS 'Configure' page (in the DNS UI). Thanks Amith!
  • 053d
    2 April, 2021
    Fix the Internet release
    1. Major updates to how the app handles connectivity changes. This fixes issues where devices may have previously lost Internet connectivity with the app switched on.
    2. True Black theme on popular demand. Check the Settings -> Appearance.
    3. Improvements on themes: Better consistency in the colour scheme.
    4. Stop button in the Notification bar.
  • 053c
    17 March, 2021
    Orbot Setup & Other improvements
    1. Support for one-click Tor-as-a-proxy (Orbot setup).
    2. When the network is unavailable RethinkDNS now reports "bad network connectivity" to the Android OS. This might improve scenario where apps do not recover from poor / flaky networks.
    3. Report bad-network to Android when DNS connections fail and healthy network when they succeed.
    4. OISD.NL (full) is the only default list on RethinkDNS starting this release.
  • 053b
    3 March, 2021
    Themes & more
    1. Themes and support for F-Droid builds with
    2. Fix battery drain issue
  • 053a
    28 January, 2021
  • 053
    27 December, 2020
  • 052
    4 November, 2020
    Rebrand to RethinkDNS & 30+ New features
    1. Support for RethinkDNS+ (a configurable DNS resolver with custom blocklists) deployed to 200+ locations world-wide.
    2. Support for DNSCrypt v2 with Anonymized Relays.
    3. Support to forward DNS requests to other apps like Nebulo or PDNSF.
    1. Support for "Always-on VPN" and "Block connections without VPN" (this is enforced by Android and is full-proof in that it blocks all internet traffic that bypasses VPN ensuring nothing escapes the RethinkDNS firewall).
    2. Exclude apps from VPN, that is from the RethinkDNS firewall altogether.
    3. Whitelist apps from RethinkDNS firewall rules (but not DNS).
    4. Block all connections when source app is unknown (this occasionally happens with UDP traffic that the source app cannot be determined at times).
    5. Block all UDP traffic except DNS traffic.
    6. Block IP addresses apps are connecting to individually from the "Network Log" screen.
    1. DNS Firewall screens see a major UI overhaul.
    2. A bottom sheet in "Network Log" now shows some relevant actions (block app, block IP, kill app).
    3. A tap on DNS logs entries now shows more information including blocklists.
    4. Select and copy app names and IP addresses from both "DNS Logs" screen and "Network Logs".
    5. A search bar in all firewall screens.
    1. Forward TCP connections to any SOCKS5 endpoint.
    2. Set a HTTP/S proxy endpoint.
  • 044
    5 September, 2020
    Bug fixes & Other improvements
    1. 'Start' button now shows just fine for Right-to-Left languages, like Arabic and Hebrew.
    2. App now doesn't auto-start on phone reboot.
    3. A critical stability fix that caused frequent app crashes in the background.
    4. Changes in 'block when app not in use' behavior which now works as originally intended.
    5. "Always-on VPN" related prompt is shown now when user taps the 'Start' button.
    6. A minor fix for 'app won't start' bug in Samsung devices.
    1. Faster loading times for 'Network Monitor'.
    2. A textbox now warns users to exercise caution when blocking 'System Apps`.
RethinkDNS Firewall is a free and open source project, released under Apache License, Version 2.0.
A lot of our users have asked us for iOS support. We are already discussing buying a Mac to make this happen. Stay tuned. Write to us in case you've got any questions or suggestions: hello (at) celzero (dot) com.